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Knowledgeable and Professional
John was obviously knowledgeable and could make quick & decisive decisions. He was very professional and honest so all those things together made it easy. Our transaction went so smoothly that I don’t think I know of anything that I didn’t like about the process.
Best service an agent can provide!
“John never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. For the best service any agent can provide, I definitely recommend John!”
John did an awesome job!
I did business with John, because of his sincerity and because he told things exactly like it was, he didn’t pull any punches and his personality was wonderful. I have no complaints about the process whatsoever. I thought it went very well, very smooth. My money was there exactly when John said it would be. Everything went off just like clockwork. It was a very, very good experience for me at a time I needed to get out of that big house I was in; it was just too much upkeep & with my health condition and my age, I needed something where I could get away from the big yard I had to take care of, plus all of the other things you have to take care of in a home.